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December 30, 2006



Yes, but how can it be Christmas without putrid skate??


Has it gone a bit pink n girly round here or is it the drink?


Alda - I don't know. I really don't know. I want to know though so please feel free to help me out.

drD - The drink does possibly have a lot to do with it, but in reality I'm just a very feminine guy, with very womanly needs, and when I needs me pink and lilac I gets me pink and lilac, if you know what I'm saying.

But it may not be lilac and it might be purple. I have no idea because I'm crap with colours.


I think you'll find what you're looking at here is various shades of puce.


Happy new year, timbo, may it be filled with pink clouds, pink cocktails, pink-tailed cocks, pink flamingos, pink noses and pink roses. And everything rosy.


Jack - puce eh? Sure you don't mean puke?

Natalie - And a jolly pleasant new year to you my dear! I'll take all those things, apart from perhaps the pink-tailed cocks. They sound a bit frightening, whatever they are.

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