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August 07, 2007


edvard moonke

oh I love the idea of a test match special hat for warding off pesky wives... but how does one get hold of such a rare item, I wonder? send cakes to blowers and aggers perhaps? hmmm...


You lightweight :)
Admittedly beer and hot sun do not mix well, we've noticed. Oh well, it's a good excuse to plaster each other with various soothing cremes, anyway.

Off to look at piccies!


Marcos - You could certainly try. They may just eat the cakes and forget about the whole hat thing though.

Mr.X - I'm not ashamed. I am a lightweight and proud. It does mean that damage to the wallet is kept to a minimum though, so that's a bonus. And yes, soothing creams...yum.


Have you heard the Pooh story in the 2nd episode of the "Waiting for Death" podcast?

It's beautiful and will bring a tear to your eye (or eeyore, as the case may be).

Brighton Pride. Next year. Best intention.


OMG. I spelt Eeyore wrong. Research, must remember to do basic research.

The answer to your question is no. And I still don't understand what podcasts are. Surely it's just some sound on an mp3 player, so why the silly name?

As for Pride, me too Bob. Me too. (I don't hold weird scary grudges. Just weird grudges.)


I've sorted out the spelling now, so as long as nobody reads these comments I'll be okay.


I like the way you put your run distance in kilometres to make it sound more impressive.
We all know that's about 20 feet in English...

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