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Thursday, 31 May 2007


Big Blogger

Don't you think you could have shoehorned a few more euphemisms in there?

However, despite that anomoly you've rendered Big Blogger speechless with pride.

Now who's up for a game of Grand Theft Auto?


One must tip toe into the elysian fields of euphemism, lest we offend the feint of heart.


Hola Bob,

The Elysians fields? interesting. Don't worry, I shall not be tampering with medication in any way shape or form. Although I'm a bit worried about Harrington and the rim - did anyone bring domestos?

Enjoy bud and may the force be with you


Ah, but which SingStar? If it's not 80's or Legends I might have a bit of a strop.


Normally not one for excess, I have all of them. I'm afraid you'll have to go stropless.

little bugger


oh dear god.

so far i feel i'm suffering more than any of the housemates, what with the kippers, the chainsaws, threats of mc hammer, the big boobs, and now the karaoke...

i need a drink.


And it's only day one ... buck up little bugger.


Ah, come on Little Bugger, I promise I'll just keep it to some Tom Jones for now.

Big Blogger

If Little Bugger can't take the pressure then fear not! I do a cracking version of 'Imagine', and have been known to sing Kenny Rogers in the shower.


As my dear old mama used to say, back before we had her sectioned, I'll bet you dollars to donuts that if we give Lil' Bugger a few shots of tequila, she'll be bringing the house down with "Total Eclipse of the Heart".


If anyone tried 'Total Eclipse...' I will be doing total Knitting Kneedles Through the Heart

(ooops, bit aggresive for the first day)


Memo to self: dis-invite Bonnie Tyler for after party.

little bugger

nah, bollocks. i'm staying in the diary room from now on...

you're all fucking mental :)

Delboys Daughter

teehee he said 'scepter'

Was anyone else completely lost at the celeb list? Who's whatty where when?
I'm obviously a cultural cuxcomb.

Daddy Papersurfer

Why use few words when obviously many thousands are better.

Invader Stu

Sing Star sounds like a good idea. I hope I have enough room in my bag for my Guitar Hero.


Wheeee. I've only heard of the fabled Guitar Hero.

And yes, Dadddy, normally I'm a stickler for brevity, but I got all carried away in the excitement.


gosh, bob, that was exciting. enidd didn't understand much of it, but then she's been exiled to eastern europe for years and years. if she plays with your dolls, will she get a smack?



Now there's a thought.

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