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Wednesday, 30 May 2007



Say hi to Little Joe for me. I'm off to shop for my prize for the winner. What time does Selfridges close?


I have just heard from the Tippler that he will be there ready to start tomorrow on Big Blogger and is very happy to be part of it... but happens to be indisposed down his local.. tippling as is his want and shall only be online tomorrow morning, but please count him in. And please please do count him in...

little bugger

little blogger is setting three questions a week?!

i need a drink!! ;)


20 rules!
That's taking the piss!

little bugger

thats big blogger for you, bedshaped.

welcome! ;)


So, er, re rule number 13... if we only have 2 days to do each task, and if we have to do 2 tasks a week, then realistically that means we may have to stay within reach of the internet at all times for the next 7 weeks. Which is all very well, except that summer is starting, which means holidays... and I'm off to Paris this weekend...

Can we have an extra rule that if someone is going away, they have to give BB advance warning, and in return BB will tell them what the tasks are ahead of time, so that they can do their tasks early and trust someone else with the task of posting them up at the appropriate time??

[smiles winsomely] You are looking mighty handsome tonight, oh Brother of the Big variety...


Am very glad of the No Pimping rule though. Makes it all much less stressful.

Big Blogger

Keep those compliments coming...

Salvadore Vincent

Aha, but the M25 does have an end.

*Gets a spade and starts digging in Dartford and/or Kent*

(This is the kind of stuff I could have brought to the house, by the way.)

Big Blogger

Salvadore - Who says you won't get in the house? (see rules 17 and 18)

Daddy Papersurfer

So many words, so little said. Off to a good start Big Blogger

Big Blogger

Daddy Papersurfer, I can't work out if that's a compliment or a criticism. So it would appear that my work here is done.


Can I be the Official Groupie please? I could get all dressed up and write meaningless comments everywhere on your posts.

pilgrimageta icons

In my opinion you are mistaken. I can defend the position. Write to me in PM.

P.S. Please review our icons for Windows 8

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