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Tuesday, 29 May 2007


Big Blogger

This is awfully exciting isn't it?

Last time Watski had an assistant to help him with this. I have no assistant, sadly. I need no assistant! Big Blogger can cope just fine on his lonesome.

Oh yes.

I'll be right back after a cup of tea and a cry...


- can I have that margherita then if you don't want it?

Big Blogger

Okay! Little Blogger seems to have buggered off with my drink, so thank heavens I know how to work a kettle.

I have my tea, my hat, and Springwatch on the tellybox - who could ask for anything more?

You lot, that's who.

So here goes!

The first name out of the sombrero is...

Betty of Betty's Utility Room!

Daddy Papersurfer

I can hardly wait.

Spanish Goth

"The females in the middle there, trying to show dominance..." - get back to The Goodies ;-)


I'll mix my own then - a double - this is obviously going to take a while....

Spanish Goth

"The females in the middle there, trying to show dominance..." - get back to The Goodies ;-)

Big Blogger

Penfold, if you can find the little sod then you can have the margherita. If I find her it's mine.


That's my announcement virginity well and truly lost.

Time for number two.
Next out of the hat is.......


lucy, thankful she wasn't allowed in twice.

oo oo oo, I'm so excited.
penfold, send me one down the IP3 if you don't mind. ta.

DJ Kirkby

Aw for Gawds sake puleeze hurry up! Do I need to start lacing my running shoes? Chopski has noticed that I nominated him... yikes... number 2 son is taking the piss out of his dad and I am sure I just heard Chopski mutter something about handing out an ROP with a glare in my direction...

Daddy Papersurfer

and I thought I was the silly old fart

Big Blogger

Look, I'm old and majestic alright! I can only move so fast..

And now for number three.


Would you adam and eve it! It's:

Papersurfer jnr.!

Big Blogger

And swiftly onwards!

Fourth out of the hat is:

Cat of Cat fame!

Daddy Papersurfer

Hurrah for Penfold

little furtive blogger

argh! stop it!

wheres me vodka?!

Big Blogger

While LB sorts out the liquid entertainment, let us spew forth the fifth lucky blogger to get the keys to the imaginary house! Number five is:

JOSEPH! (whoever he is)

little furtive blogger

argh! stop it!

wheres me vodka?!

Big Blogger

LB, you're behaving like a stuck record. Pull yourself together woman!

Sixth out of the sombrero is...


Lord help us.


is it too early to ask about that prize yet?

little furtive blogger


i have liquid refreshments.... now please hurry up BB, or i'm going to end up drunk, and none of us want that.


joseph - well done (whoever you are!) ;)

the illustrious runner-up of big blogger 2005

Woo-hoo, I nominated Betty. And I seconded Joseph. But woo-hoo everybody! Such excitement!


Oh goodness. This is going to take awhile isn't it. Perhaps a large glass of red wine will make the waiting less nervewracking.

Big Blogger

Okay, let's do numbers 7 and 8 together.
What a quality idea.

7 = Ariel

8 = An Unreliable Witness


little furtive blogger

yes penfold... grr! ;)

Big Blogger

And watch me gather speed as I splurt out 9 and 10 quicker than you can say "Typepad's servers just can't handle the excitement!"

Number 9 is... Angelalala!

And number 10 is... Clare!!

LB, I need a top-up.

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