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Thursday, 31 May 2007


Big Blogger

Well I don't know about anyone else, but I'm scared already.

little bugger

bring that pollen to the diary room right now clare! ;)


Sorry, I'm in a cupboard under the sink. Can someone make me a sandwich?


You sound just like me, just as scary. Therefore I say you are wonderful, beautiful and a goddess to be admired (from afar), go girl. I should really be rooting for Goth and Tippler but.. well truth be known I'll root for the three of you. The Paris under the sink made me laugh, reminds me of a couple of senior friends (age not status) of mine who had to cancel a well earned trip to Italy last minute. They swallowed their disappointment, bought guide books to their home town Glasgow (Scotland), put a sticker over the front cover and wrote 'Italy' with a squggly drawing, dressed up each day in good walking shoes and fancy hats and explored 'Italy', stopping off for cappucinos visiting the art galleries for Italian art and stopping for pizzas and pasta in the Italian restaurants followed by classical concerts of Italian composers.. gorgeous people.
oops I babbled didn't I? anyhow it's hidden in the comments, what I really meant to say was good luck, and thanks for your comment on my blog .. it made my day.


Haha, your senior friends sound great! I think I might have to do something similar one day.

Daddy Papersurfer

Please don't turn round too quickly

lucy p

it has always worried me that you had 31 pencils to hand.


My house is full of pencils. And pens. I keep a goodly supply in every room, in case I get suddenly seized with inspiration. Or need to poke something small.


So thats 62 pencils? I usually keep one behind my ear but hey, each to their own! Good luck!!


Hi Clare,

Don't mind me - I'll be sulking in the corner most of the time, when I'm not goading Tippler into doing something stupid (an easy task).

Was going to say hi from Honey but she's done it already. Might need a pencil or two as I have a book to finish.


Invader Stu

Hello Clare

Should we know in advance what kind of sandwiches you would like left outside 'Paris' for you?

Katy Newton

It really does look like "Clare's Udders", doesn't it?



hi clare! enidd would like to borrow the pencils, disappear into the bathroom and emerge sometime later to announce a number. greater than zero, but probably less than 31. although enidd's a bit competitive too, so she might lie.

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