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Monday, 21 May 2007


edvard moonke

huh? how did I end up on that list?

Spanish Goth

I wonder who could have been so silly as to include the Big Blogger on his own list

*titters and falls off chair*

Invader Stu

I had no idea I was on this list until five seconds ago. Sounds like fun though. How does it work? Do we do our tasks here or on our own blogs.

I think I should be in the Big Blogger house because I can bring humor and possibly comical personal injury to the house with my accident prone nature. I'm also very good at singing in the shower and would like to use the show as an opportunity to start my singing carrier...

"Some where over the rainbow, way up high..."

Drama Queen

Can I still nominate?

I want Tippler.


Goth and Tippler in the house together. God help all the others. . .


Without a doubt.

Spanish Goth

Yeah - more votes for Tippler



i third or fourth tippler (link above), goth has to stay in as does the twat. i'd like to nominate invader stu (link up above) as he is a danger to all outside the house. in fact, could you keep him forever ? (thinking about it, could you keep the twat forever too ? pretty please.)

that's 3 from belgium and one from holland. how continental.

Big Blogger

This is turning into the Eurovision Song Contest. For blogs.

Where are the Latvians???


is it too late to un-nominate my father - or myself. Either really - the prospect of confinement in a small space with his incessant drivelling is unbearable...


Do the Housemates get to take a luxury item in with them?

lucy... I mean....er... vitriolica

i can see you, penfold, trying to weazel out of it... not a chance, I inSIST, timothy blogger that you put penfold and daddypsurfer in the house AND make them share a bedroom. oh what joy it would bring!

little furtive blogger

bedshaped... that is an excellent idea! ;)

*gets luxury item ready*

(although obviously i can bring as many as i like... mwah hahaha)

(but now i'm wondering if i've got that evil laugh thing right?)

Daddy Papersurfer

Quality time with Penfold.....good. Male bonding and long father and son chats.......good. Other people there.............hmmmmmmmmm


I don't mind sharing a room with him - as long as my luxury item can some sort of large power tool - like a chainsaw...

Delboys Daughter

I want to nominate Greavsie (http://greavsie.blogspot.com/)...He's tall, prolific blogger, funny, did i mention tall, and i've had the pleasure of sharing a pub with him.... but has he been in it before? And does that matter?

*scratches head*


Wow. They obviously all want me locked up...


"This is turning into the Eurovision Song Contest."

Mmmmm, and there's a chance that Belgium could win for the first time since Sandra 'J'aime, j'aime la vie' Kim. Wow.

You'd better be good, lads.

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