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Friday, 18 May 2007


lucy... I vitriolica

gorblimey, it seems like a lifetime away, that last one. I'm sure this one will be even better. hooray for timothy mcstannard!

Tom the Twit

The Twat - then Zoe can have a good laugh!



Nice one, Tim.

Can I nominate my friend and prolific blogger Mr SwissToni, please:

Big Blogger

You can nominate whoever you want Sarah, but the Incredibly Important Big Blogger Housemate Selection Committee will be making the final decision as to who gets in and who gets shoved unceremoniously out of the bathroom window and into the path of an onrushing compost heap.

It's sad, I know, but it can't be helped.


Phew. Hence the reason I nominated someone else for the public humiliation and mental cruelty you describe.


Ooh, how exciting! Can I be the short, blonde one that gets raving drunk and shows her thrupnies on the first night? Can I? Can I?


lets hope so, angelalalalalala :P

can i nominate someone timbo? and if i can, i'd like to nominate stuart of kitchentable.

just because.

Big Blogger

I think you're allowed Little Furtive Blogger. I think. Hey, why not.


Fab idea, although I must confess to being a bit stupid and not completely understanding how it's going to work. Anyway, consider it duly pimped over at my gaff.

Re accents, apparently the one people like to hear most on the telephone is a Dundee accent. Although obviously not that bloke out of The View, as he's barely coherent.


Ooh, my bloke's from Dundee! Well, more or less. I do get women swarming all over him and trying to steal him - I guess that'll be why.

I suspect there might be problems with this nominations lark though... how do you know people will want to do it? Seems like an awful lot of work to me...

I can't believe it's only a year since the last one though! Internet Time is very weird like that - it seems to last much longer than Real World Time.

Aha, hang on... "the whole of the original 2005 Big Blogger event"

2005 is two years ago, right? Well that ruins my Internet Time theory then.


Cor, I ain't 'alf impressed by this site though. Very good. Well done.


Wicked idea....again.

Big Blogger

Clare - I know what you mean about the whole 'how will the nominations work' thing. But it worked last time, so who am I to argue?

We're bloggers, we work shit out. Apparently.


Oh and I'd like to nominate girlonatrain, if I may.

Big Blogger

BREAKING NEWS!!! - Beth Girlonatrain is on holiday! At the Other Side of the World! Nominate someone else please! (bloody good nomination despite that though *applauds*)


oh ok.... i nominate bedshaped :)

Daddy Papersurfer

I have no idea what this is about but if it is to get someone into trouble I'd like to nominate my lickle boy Papersurfer. Thank you for your kind consideration.


Ah all bloggers are attention-seeking whores, me, me, me, me, me! Please?


- and in the true spirit of recrimination I'd like to nominate my good father (the old git) daddy papersurfer


I nominate Jodie Marsh, cause she's looking for a new husband and obviously wants to be bullied some more.

Barring that, I humbly kneel before the selection gods ... if they be looking for an American expat to humiliate.



that is quite vile... thank you so much! :)

the illustrious runner-up of big blogger 2005

Very difficult to choose, but I'm going to nominate Betty of Betty's Utility Room:

And as rules are there to be bent, I'm going to make a second nomination, so yah boo wotcha gonna do abahtit?

Salavdore Vincent of Smaller Than Life:


I'd like to nominate Ariel (up above, somewhere) and Vicus Scurra because this is my revenge on him, mwah ha ha ha!


Oh, and the Twat can't take Quickos this time. He's still traumatised, poor baby.


Andre of A Beautiful Revolution
Jonny B of JonnyB's Private Secret Diary
Lucy of Blogzira

please, please, please!!!

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