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Friday, 18 May 2007


Big Blogger

Just so everyone knows, all those who were in the last Big Blogger can't be in this one. It just seems a little unfair.

Of course, Big Blogger CAN always change his mind if he fancies, but he probably won't. But he might. Or maybe not.

We'll see.

lucy... I vitriolica

right, good, that's made that easier then... cos I couldn't decide between three... and two of them (papersurfer and daddypapersurfer have nominated each other now, well done boys, now STOP squabbling... you HAVE to have BOTH of them in)

so I nominate the lovely


I'd like to nominate The Aunt:
she writes beautifully, terribly English yet living in the European capital Brussels.
Here is a taster of her style.
"I started taking flatmates in 1997 because I caught myself sharing my dinner with the cat and realised that I was turning into one of those self-sufficient bra-hitching cigar-smoking spinsters that have men achieving personal bests in the Great Escape Steeplechase and I couldn't be doing with that. Over the years having flatmates has hopefully brought me adaptability and negotiating skills that could come in useful if ever Cupid's arrow actually stuck for more than five minutes. He needs to use something with a point to it (wow, that works on so many levels) and at the moment all he's actually using is suckers."


Ariel, gets my first vote as well.


Pimped at my place. Oh, and not that I'm one to go for the sympathy vote but I lost POTW again so you simply must let me in! So there!


I nominate and second and third:

Angelalala and Ariel cause they're my blog friends and they WANT IT bad.........


sorry, we don't do sympathy around here.. only beer :)

la fille

Angelalala because she's sexy and will do outrageous things to stay in the house.

I second Annie's nomination of Andre of A Beautiful Revolution, and I think his yummy friend Unreliable Witness would also be a lovely choice.

Spanish Goth

I nominate Tim and I'm standing by it, in a Trainspotting sort of way ;-)


Great idea. 'Virtually' locked up with a huge bunch of other blogging nutters.

So, I'm gonna nominate El Gothster. But only on the undertanding that the hairy bastard nominates me back.

So there.

Big Blogger

Goth - Which Tim is that then? I need links. Links links links. Saucy linky love. Oh yes.


Think he means YOU, no?
Just linked this over at my gaff.

Big Blogger

I am Big Blogger!

I can't be Big Blogger AND be in it too. What are you? Mental?


I'll fourth Angelalala!


I think he does mean you, and yes, he IS mental! Totally.


Well as the people who were in it last time can't be in it again, and thus no Lucyvit, I'm going to nominate Stu because you're going to need someone to draw the pictures!


Can I be the older guy who strums his guitar and tutts incessantly about the personal hygiene of others? But is also good at making tea to deal with a crisis.

Big Blogger

Neil, we shall have to see. Let fate and a gigantic Mexican head adornment decide.


Oh help oh help oh help, I really really want to be in Big Blogger. I always did. The only thing that's stopping me is the commitment aspect. I just know it'll involve hours and hours of sweating over a hot computer, and I'm SO bad for committing myself to things and then turning into a giant stressed-out miserable headless chicken and regretting it terribly, and I'm supposed to be taking it easy cos I'm off work with stress but despite all that I really want to do it...

Can somebody please ban me from being in Big Blogger? And then I won't be able to nominate myself and that will be the end of that.

(i really want to do it though)

(no i don't)

(yes i do)


P.S. Timbo, you were born to be Big Blogger. You are very good at it.

Big Blogger

*puts Clare's name on the list*

*scribbles it off*

*puts it on the list again*

*scribbles it off again*

*writes it again*

Look Clare, you're on the list and that's all there is to it.

Big Blogger has spoken!


I too want to do it. I think!

Yes, put me on the list!



Serves me right, I guess.


Clare, you'd be a dream housemate. And you'd enjoy it. (I've been there; I know these things.)


Well, the decision is in the lap of the Gods now...

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