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Tuesday, 29 May 2007



Rules? I knew nothing of rules.

Surely you mean nebulous guidelines painted in watercolors and left a touch too close to the jacuzzi?

little furtive blogger

oh no, bob! for we have a..... laminator!

and a shitload of booze ;)


Mwahaha, I am now a guest author on Big Blogger 2007.

It would be very naughty of me to post a post right now, wouldn't it?

Shame, cos I'm sooooo tempted...


Oh tee hee, I just noticed something. I signed myself up as Clare Sudders, cos I assumed there would be other Clares already belonging to TypePad, and I didn't want to put Clare Sudbery cos it seemed too formal and self-important, but what I didn't realise was that my capitalisation would be ignored, leaving us with something which looks remarkably like...

Clare's Udders.

Unintentional, I assure you. But all the funnier for that.

Big Blogger

I have to say Clare, there is NOTHING STOPPING YOU.

Apart from Little Blogger, and she's vicious. Plus I can always bar you from the lavatory for a day*. See how you like that!

*Okay, maybe 10 minutes. I'm not that cruel.


Haha, I thought you were going to bed...

I don't like the idea of my bladder leaking all over the Diary Room chair though, so I shall desist for now...

little bugger

*stops clare*


maybe i need to sharpen my vicious skills?

btw you can pee on the chair if you must but big blogger is always watching (the perv) :D

Spanish Goth

ANSWER you morons - otherwise I get dragged into this. I was harmlessly sitting on the dock of a bay smoking a spliff....

Spanish Goth

cool - tides coming in, oh no, it's going out, no, it's coming in *exhales* wow, seals and dolphins and *inhales*

Daddy Papersurfer

I shall watch Penfold's short descent into insanity with something approaching glee. Good luck everyone.

DJ Kirkby

;-) GOOD Morning! Daddy you are up early... Happens once you reach a certain age doesnt it? Which is a good thing really, 'cos leaves more time for ;-) inducing indoor sports...or so my mom tells me... 'cos I am much too young to know this firsthand...going now...


gosh, this is exciting. does anyone else like kippers? enidd will get in a good supply.


I must say I was close to astounded when I saw UW's name on the list, and not at all surprised when he gave notice before ever moving in.
I think the remaining mix is going to be a delight...for voyeurs.


Oh, good heavens above...


- am I still allowed a chainsaw as my luxury item?

An Unreliable Witness

Asta - Yes, sorry about that. But us socialphobes - well, we don't get out much. And don't like to get out much. I would have just spent the whole time hiding under my duvet, frankly. But I do hope everyone in the house has the most delightful of times.

little bugger

kippers? oh dear.

penfold - erm






Kippers? Bleurgh.


I can't wait to be laminated.

Mr Angry

Hang on.

I go away for five days and find myself both nominated, and rejected, whilst I was out of the country.

Normally I have to talk to someone for at least a minute before they want to reject me.

I think this is some kind of record.

Invader Stu

Yippy. I'm in. I'll bring my MC Hammer collection and we can all party.


So what are the rules then, huh? I am a stickler for rules. I want to do some stickling.


Oooh Clare ... I think it's awfully early to be disturbing Big Blogger with demands about posting guidelines, erm, rules. We don't want to rile him and suffer his wrath so early in the game.

Shhhhh. He's sleeping.

little bugger

first rule: no mc hammer.

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