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Tuesday, 05 June 2007


Delboys Daughter

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooo oooooo ooo !"


Patchouli oil? Takes me right back to my stoodent days.


That'll be why you had your hair cut then. Umm, smells like.....

little bugger

patchouli takes my dad back to his student days, heh.

spanish goth - stop being a tart. get on with it, man.


Damn! Are you off, Goff?

Oh well. Next!

Tippler, choccychops, I must say you do have mighty fine legs in that outfit, let's bond while you spill cider down my, er, chest.

La la la!


I'm not going anywhere - I've decided to be an intentional bastard....

But, look at the doofer - it's positvely frigging itself

*laughs and turns left*


*Avoiding Tippler in his silly little dress*

Drama Queen

Man I am sooo not following this. WHAT HAPPENED?


enidd rather fancies tippler in his silly little dress. champagne and shaved legs, what more could a girl desire?


Goth RIGGED his eviction. MAKE HIM STAY.


Enidd -> All yours baby but you might want to check his wallet first - it's a bit light

Zed -> I bloody did not. How could I rig an erection?

oooh look, a half-empty bottle of JD with free plasters


Goth, you did quite well last time.



Not sure I'm happy with this gay icon stuff. But if it gets me near angelalala's chest I may have to roll with it...


Hey, hang on. It's working with enidd too.

Might be on to something here.

Anyone seen the ginger one?

Mr Angry

* Takes copious notes regarding apparently successful attempts to get near female housemates chests *


There is NO way I'm going to vote either of you out.

Besides, a party featuring Tippler in a French Maid's outfit is a party at which good blackmail material can be gathered, so I'm keeping you in.

P.S. Scouse Doris says she thinks you might have escaped already. She thinks she saw you the other night and blabbed on her blog. I'd get over there for some refutation if I were you.


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