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Sunday, 03 June 2007



During my time in the service conduits of the house I found Geoff very susceptible to simple compliments such as -
'you look great in a leotard' and
'I love the way you grunt when pulling trains'


Hmmm. Two "in the back door" references in one post. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

Nice to meet you, hopefully the margarita truck will be pulling up soon.

In the meantime, could you maybe roll up some of that Thai weed.



welcome bedshaped - do you like trifle? I think Bob's sorting out the Margheritas as we speak...


Bob, it would be a pleasure.
So....about these back door references....


Penfold, trifle is fine so long as the fruity bits are kept to a bare mininum.
I'm a little fussy about what gets past these lips!


Aha, a familiar face. Between your vibrator and my Dutch porn, we're sorted...


Hey Cat,
Is that the kind of porn that I think it is....?

Geoff The Security Guard

They were harmless wedding photos I swear!
So Aunt Mavis got a little frisky after one too many sherries. We've all been there damnit.


hullo bedshaped. enidd's sorry to say that geoff's poodle pal is no more. stalin. nuff said.

Geoff The Security Guard

I'm gonna get you enidd... and your little dog too!


NoT so LiTTle, p00dLe BoY.

Geoff The Security Guard

Moonshine Macbeth The Third... !!!!!!!!
What has that mutt done to you my precious?
I shall seek my revenge.


Yes! Somebody who can skin up. My house is complete. I am rubbish at skinning up. But good at smoking. Maybe we could team up? I have supplies...


Ooh, and yay! for being able to smoke spliffs again. My pesky boyfriend gave up smoking tobacco and well, you know, you have to show willing...


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