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Thursday, 07 June 2007


Big Blogger

Who said the camera get turned off at 1am?

(I never made up that rule...)

Ariel Langham

Strongbow gives me instant runs. You've been warned.


Oh bugger. I was saving the Chenin Blanc for YOU, Ariel. Deffo no Strongbow, then...

And BB, some folk are sooooo naive, no?


"The cameras slowly focus on a wanking Tippler."

Ah well, somebody had to be the first...

(couldn't resist)


Were you in my room last night? Clare?

WERE you?

Why didn't you wake me up then..?


You had a bunch of tissues? Do you have a cold?


I like the fact that I was one of only two to manage the Mighty Binge. Sounds eerily familiar though but ginners do NOT taste different...if I knew...which I wouldn't because I'm virgin and have never had a ginger biscuit ever - more of a BOURBOUN man myself ;-)


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