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Monday, 11 June 2007


little bugger

oh buggeration!


Does this not put a crimp into Goth's master plan? Hmmmm.

*sends all best wishes to enidd and the bagelicious Katy*

*ducks into nowhere, hiding from Helga*

Katy Newton

Booo. I have to work. I cannot blog for fun. It is horribly unfair. I am sorry people. I will miss you. I cry now.


This is shit news!

Delboys Daughter

And who the hell is Helga?


Oh, Katy! What with the poo post and this I was just getting to know you and now you scoot off!

Oh, yeah. Damn clever that. Leave 'em wanting more...


Wasn't Helga, Hagar the Horribles wife? How dare you insult my family you insensitive twat?!!!


Oh no, Enidd and Katy were two of my favourites! And am feeling a bit rarified in the gender department now... but at least I still have Ariel (wordsmith extraordinaire) and Angelala (hell of a good laugh) and Cat (fellow pedant, hurrah).

Still, those votes were looking a bit scary (and a sharp reminder of the downside of BB, which I was conveniently ignoring up til the point I looked at the votes), so I'm glad the eviction's cancelled [everybody hates me *sob*].

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