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Thursday, 28 June 2007



Bollocks. All those bonus votes are going to make me last. Do you want that boob shot?




I wouldn't worry about it Cat, I think I'm for the chop!!

Medium-sized Blogger

That's negative thinking O.G. Stop it! Stop it right now and get your thinking cap on (and your clothes off).

I can't believe I just thought that out loud.

This site is becoming too filthy for words, and it's all Penfold's fault.


If my sign doesn't work in the pub there may well still be boobs...


If I wasn't so consistently nasty about people on my blog, I'd do a sign as well, but I fear for my friendships (as well as my life) more than I fear eviction!

Mr Angry

I would argue that threatening (and I use that word advisedly) to post pictures of yourself nude does work...

Medium-sized Blogger

True Mr Angry, true.
But you're still not winning are you? AND you do have to get naked.

I think we need to have a seperate vote about what actually constitutes a win.


I gave out mini flyers at my Life Club the other night (which I can scan and send to you) and I can have members of said club email you and say they voted.

Is that out of virutal enough?


Oh brilliant. So not only is he trouncing everyone with the numbers, bob is now completing bonus challenges before they're even set!

Medium-sized Blogger

Okay, okay! 50 points to the first person to do it, but 100 POINTS to the person who in my opinion comes up with the most fantastical non-virtual method of pimping in the real world.

So put that in your pipe and smoke it!


I see no trouncing. Especially with the hanging chads and the well-defined abdominals of a certain angry competitor.

Hmmm, how do I get a Big Blogger float into this weekend's Pride parade ...

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