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Sunday, 03 June 2007



Aww too bad, she was a lovely, if quiet, little minx. She did mention something about not feeling well, and then Tippler groped her and said she felt fine to him. Not sure what that was about.

Anyway, extend exschmend I say! Bring on the next task and let the lurking lackeys suffer in self-imposed silence.

I have been noticing the tiniest slivers of pencil shavings, or are those, ahem, croissant flakes, appearing outside of the cupboard called Paris ... so perhaps Clare will be returning from exile soon.

As to other potential escapees ... it seems the poet in the corner has something up his cloak, but maybe that's just another fifth of Jack Daniels.

Oh yes, one more quick thing ... does Sven provide happy endings?

And now back to the pool.


I'm sure a game of trifle twister will get Clare away from the draw of domestic cleaning fluids!
As long as SG doesn't slip into a pair of speedos. Nothing as alarming as a Goth in a pair of budgie smugglers...


I shall resist the childish urge to do exactly what I have been told not to and instead fashion a telescope out of cling flim and loo roll tubes with which to admire these uzis.


*digs through Crumpler bag and pulls out Twister*

Okay then ... right hand green.


hang on - are we playing Colombian 'strip' rules? If so I need to limber up a bit...


Is the trifle made with proper custard? And does it have sherry in?

Big Blogger

Yes Cat, yes it does. Big Blogger is a trifle connoisseur of the highest order.


No it doesn't - I drank the sherry and it was bloody crap


The brainless man has installed cameras.


Sherry Trifle? Is this like err the over 60's version of The Prisoner?

I vote for the slip-proof mats.

Not being a smartarse but why not ask the so-called contestants to post something? you could specify a theme (and please, a maximum number of words)


Aw, shame about Anx. I'm out of the cupboard, by the way...


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