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Thursday, 07 June 2007



You total perv!

(I think I love you)


Erm, would anyone care to explain to this stupid American just exactly what a ball-gag is? 'Cause the image it brings to my mind is not pretty. (Love the party ideas....but don't worry, my family settled in Jamestowne, VA and had nothing to do whatsoever with the so-called party in Boston way back when).


See Here, Susannah.

You didn't really want to know, did you?

And what happened to the dwarves with trays full of, err, "talcum powder" a la Freddie Mercury, then, BB? Doesn't the budget run that far? ;)


Sadly, whilst this idea is clearly meant as Satire, I have a firm belief that, right now, a team of Crack Edemologists are meeting to discuss optential sponsorship opportunities for "I’m a Celebrity Servant and I Haven’t a Clue" and it's digital interactive spinoff "Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Massacres."

Blue Witch

bob - I would like to enquire about the difference between your 'poll dancers' and the more normal pole dancers. I am sure there is one. I just have no idea what it is. Is it rude? Or is it jsut related to vote counting?


Like everyone else in the house, the entertainmnet is fishing for feedback and affection, writhing about on the vertical lead pipes, whispering "Do you like me? Do you like it when I do this? Does this jock strap make me look fat?"


Cluedo is one of my favourite things, so this party gets my vote. I'll be in the Billiard Room with some Scotch if you want me...


Ohigawd! That is not what I thought it meant, and I'm not sure which is more disturbing--what I imagined a ball-gag to be, or what it actually is!


Oh Susannah -- wait, that's a song, innit?

Just what did you envision a a ball gag to be? Somehow I think you're confusing it with a tea bag ... but maybe that's just the way my mind works.

Blue Witch

Teabagging indeed. I think the level of erm, well, decency, is reaching some kind of, erm, for want of a better word, head, round here ;)


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