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Monday, 04 June 2007



I can see my first bottle of Chenin Blanc has found a home...

Delboys Daughter



Good figure.

Daddy Papersurfer

I have been trying to find reasons to be cheerful I'm not in the house............


hello angie. enidd's not famous either, although her kippers are renowned among her overnight guests. in fact, if you need something to extract clare, enidd could suggest the kipper she dropped on the way in. she did think it'd be ok for someone's breakfast, but now she's decided it's a little gravelly for most people's palates. we could bung it in the cupboard and slam the doors quickly - enidd imagines clare would exit sharpish.


Yey - I know that figure - It's Tippler in drag

little bugger

hello la-la my lovely - i must say, you are looking mighty fine too! ;)


Nobody will get a word in edgeways now!

Vi vi vi voom!!!

I recognise those boobs!


You guys are amusing on your own. What brings you to appeal to a tediuos image of Latt Mucus to inhance your status when you can state us independently if you require?


"very proud of my fabulous boobs"

Yay! Boobs of the world unite. Er no, hang on, that doesn't sound right...

Fabulous tits though darling. Just fabulous.


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