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Friday, 01 June 2007



Welcome. I was just trolling the streets of A'dam a couple weeks ago and loved it. I hadn't been for years and my first trip there (no pun intended) involved a near-mugging and wasn't very pleasant. Anyway, now I think it's aces.

Question for the punctuation police ... will the house style be to include serial commas or not?

For example:

a) Booze, drugs and sex


b) Booze, drugs, and sex

It's always important to have a house style (and the vintage frock over skinny jeans does sound quite stylish).

Looking forward to some new music tips. Quite fond of the new Fountains of Wayne, which is most un-Morrissey, but good pop rock fun.


I want to hear more about these socks. Are they sparkly due to fibres knitted into them? Do they have a sparkly plastic print on them? Did you just accidentally drop them in some glitter once?

I don't know why I feel the need to know.

Bob - serial commas usage is at the discretion of the author and the rhythm of their writing. They always make me halt slightly which is not always a good thing.


I see. Slight halts = not good. So that means, more often than not, you like to plow right through to the finish.


Oh yeah, can't be doing with all that stop-start nonsense. If for a penny, in for the pound.


Hello boys. I must confess to being quite the comma fan, and I tend to use them liberally. It's mis-placed apostrophes that really offend me.

And the socks? I believe they're made of lurex, which means the sparkle is knitted into the fabric. They are very lovely.

little bugger

hello my lovely - looking spiffy as usual! :)


Hi honey,

You do know there's a dog called Stalin lurking around here? Not to worry though, my rope didn't get confiscated and I may need both on my Plan B (digging a tunnel - but ssssshhhh ;-)


Little Blogger, why thank you, missus!

Spanish Goth, I like dogs, so I'll be fine. I'd help you with the tunnel, but I might break a nail...

Invader Stu

I'm going to die at the hands of the grammar police. Someone protect me.... please.


Excellent news on the socks. My mind can rest.

Delboys Daughter

Extreme muffin top angst !
I can relate to that.

Invader Stu... You might want to run and hide as I believe Anx is also a punctuation lover!

*is afraid to comment due to bad grammar*

Invader Stu

Looks like I'll be barricading myself in the dairy room for safety earlier then I thought.

little bugger

safe? in the diary room? not a chance! ;)


- there's a safe in the dairy room? No point looking for a decent yoghurt out here then...


grammar, grammar, grammar, grammar CATMAN


enidd love's apostrophe's. so doe's s'talin.


pReferR catS.


Those sparkly blue socks are cool...

Alfred Andrews

chambul pounder judas dodded subbituminous prairieweed starlessness avicularia
Palestine Popular Art Centre

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