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Monday, 25 June 2007



That was so scary, I think I parped!

ordinary girl

Sitting quietly in the corner. Rocking!

Oh, and just about to give Penfold that Deputy PM job... (creep, creep, creep)


Well - thank you mediochre-sized blogger for my 'prize'. I hope you don't take this the wrong way if I firmly refuse your offer of nominating somebody else. I'm afraid I must stick with my long term inmates and side with the public (thereby absolving myself of any form of responsibility). Oh and could someone light a match - bedshaped strayed from the realms of 'parp' and strode boldly into 'guff' territory...

Medium-sized Blogger

That's fair enough Mr Penfold. Very fair indeed.

*runs to get his eviction boots on*


Oooh, I love it when you get tough and scold, Medium Sized Blogger!


Teehee someone said Guff

the real bedshaped

That wasn't me by the way.
That will teach me to post things in here while I'm at my girlfriends house.
Don't worry, she will be repremanded next time I see her.

ordinary girl

Oy! Bedshaped has escaped!! Release the dogs...


Who needs dogs with MSB in such a vicious mood?!

Sends me all wriggly and moist when he gets like that...

Daddy Papersurfer

Penfold with power? - please don't repeat this generosity MSB. You got away with it this time but there have been incidents in the past ....... which ...I'm sorry I...........can't ........... JUST DON'T DO IT AGAIN


Oooooh heck, this one might be quite tough...


Marmite banned? Omigod.

Fascist bastard. When I'm prime minister you'll be first against the...er, given a knighthood.

Marmite. Horrible stuff. Excellent decision...

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