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Friday, 01 June 2007


Invader Stu

Owww... shiny things (easily distracted).

Delboys Daughter

Owww... Invader Stu (easily distracted).

Delboys Daughter

(Stalin by the way is a fucking great name for a dog !!!!!! I might call our impending pet rabit that. Or no wait.. Freud. Shag like rabbits.. get it?)

Sorry carry on...


Is Stalin going to be joining us in the house? I really am more of a cat person...

Good to have you here, though :)


Cool, a revolutionary fascist dog and I already know there's a Cat on the way.


Daddy Papersurfer

Sorry, your personality is in the loo? Oh dear.

La Cubana Gringa

I shall virtually blow my obnoxiously loud imaginary blow horn to announce your imaginary presence.


[Tympanic membranes pop within the house.]

Ooh. Uh. Sorry about that.

(Whispered:) Go Enidd!

Sally Lomax

I'm rooting for you Enidd!


belle hopes enidd is happy in the house ...


enidd is online again, and she's chuffed pink at her welcome. stalin is pretty much never welcome, which is to be expected of a dog who makes his namesake look like an upstanding pillar of society.


Hope you're settling in Ok; looking forward to reading about the next task!

Sally Lomax

So what's next? On tenterhooks!


hi chris and sally! it's lovely to see some familiar faces. unfortunately enidd doesn't think she can ask you in for garibaldis and tea (or even a creme egg - theyr'e being saved for enidd's secret plan (tm)). but luckily stalin seems to be looking after enidd, in his own psychopathic way.


Aw, Stalin is cute! I like you. And your lower case. Or should that be "her"?

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