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Saturday, 02 June 2007



I might have just fallen in love.


Cor, I hope I win that navel ring - my pink sparkly one looks mighty dull in comparison.

Big Blogger

As Big Blogger I must advise everyone that if we get any racist, sexist, or bloggist behavious in this here house then you will not only have the Anti-Defamation league on your asses, but you will have one seriously pissed-off Big Blogger on your asses too. And not in a good way.

Ps. Give me a goddam picture Miss Newton!


Wow. BB gets so butch on a Saturday morning.

Big Blogger

Yes Bob, I did that online superhero test a couple of weeks back and apparently I'm The Incredible Hulk.

Yeah, I know.

Katy Newton

Commenting! I forgot commenting!

Bob - stick with me, baby, we could be the next Pete and Nikki.

Cat - it is special. It has THREE colours.

Big Blogger - goodness, you are masterful. No racism. Photo. Check.


I did that test BB. Catwoman. Bit upset about that, actually.


A telephone in the knickers. Frank Siroco is going to investigate and will meet you, he is on a case, a scientist has been kidnapped.
Frank Siroco.


Spiderman. I can live with that ... although Green Lantern would have been cooler.


I am DEFINITELY escaping. I was going to go for a tunnel (had a cunning and devious plan too) but now I have to go for a 'hair-lift'

Might need a 'guide-rabbit' though. Maps round here are a bit crap.


Hi Katy,

Yikes - you'll be hating control freaks then....

*goes off to his corner with a cigarette*


I think Foxy Katy Newton forgot to mention that she has also brought along a posse.


Coo - that was close. Misread that and thought you said that Katy brought a Pussy..


oh, and I was worried as I didn't bring any cat food, or fish, or anything like that - shit, I'm sobering up.

"Tippler !! Give me that bottle back and stop talking bollocks "


Is that your phone ringing? Want me to get that?

little bugger

i like bagels.

katy newton bagels are, i suspect, rather tasty too ;)


hullo katy. enidd thought a naval ring was something sailors got after a long voyage. she's sooo out of touch!

Katy Newton

There is nothing as tasty as a Katy Newton Bagel, Minxy.

hullo enidd. I am liking your dog called Stalin.


SEe U iN the kenel, KAtY? I hf a B0ne.

Big Blogger

That's one rule I forgot to tell everyone about.


Swift and terrifying punishment will follow shortly...

Dr J

Heh, never been part of a posse before, how cool. Do we get gold stars and stuff (Elizabeth Duke presumably....)?

Go Katy!

Or should that be "Stay Katy!" given the BB format,

oh bugger, now that sounds all doggy trainerish which is deffo all wrong.

Think I'd better shut up now.

On with the motley!

Ed R

I've been wanting a picture of the lovely Katy for years.
Hi Katy!


"lucky battery-operated neon flashing navel ring"

Oh my God, I want that so much.

You rule.


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