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Sunday, 17 June 2007



Oh, Neil! *wipes away a tear*

Hello, ladies!


Welcome welcome welcome!


Yes, welcome new lady housemates!

I didn't even get chance to give Neil a hug before he got chucked out left.
I'm hoping he left his guiter.


Thank you folks! Now, who's going to show me around...?


I believe Tippler will want that job.


I don't have any prizes. But I do have a camera with a very long lens.

What happens now, by the way?


Sorry *emerges from secret tunnel to the local pub* - Welcome - would you like some peanuts? They have dry roasted and salted - that's the menu...


Hello new housemates, glad to have some new girlies in the old place. And BB, bit mean just to whip Neil out without giving him a chance to say cheerio...



Mr Angry

Hmmm, this lense you speak of NWM, does this mean we expect some 'art' shoots at some point during your stay?

And welcome to you both, obv.


SHIT - Neil turned into a breakfast cereal. Bastard BB - what next? Cornflake Girl? (ha, can't use that now Cat Woman)

Big Blogger

I'd just like to clarify that even though Neil has gotten 'The Boot', that doesn't mean that he can't say goodbye on here and/or in The Diary Room, because he can.

It's a free world baby and I'm not a meanie!


Thank Christ. More girls.

'Hi' ladies.



Chilled Chenin Blanc this way...


New women! And NWM included?

Right, that's it. I'm going to get all competitive and territorial and protect all my men-folk from these hussy newcomers...

Oh arse, I haven't a hope in hell.


Hey, can we have big red crosses through the icons of ex-housemates, like last year?

I liked those big red crosses. They were soprt of satisfying.

Big Blogger

You want crosses? I'll try and sort out some crosses.

Anything else?


No, that'll do for now. Ooh, you did it already! Thanks.


Kick out Neil, only to add two more housemates? Stupid move.
Big Blogger 2007 is becoming more like a bad movie sequel every day, or like SNL after all the original cast left.
Bring back Neil!!!

Big Blogger

So bringing back Neil would be a good move, but bringing two new people in isn't?
Not sure there's alot of difference between the two things, but anyway.

The backlash begins!


Ooh, the crosses are cool! They look like we're kissing them goodbye.

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