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Tuesday, 12 June 2007



The most shellfish? Well, there was that oyster bar in New Orleans back in the eighties ....


Could you get some king size rizzla please BB. I appear to be running short since we ran low on toilet roll and Mr Angry decided this situation called for drastic measures.


Oh dear. I am selfish to the very core.


Cat - how can you say that? You were so giving at the party...


Penfold! What did Cat give you at the party? And I thought it was only me, under the sink...

[runs away sobbing]

[comes back again]

Thanks for the stay of eviction, by the way. Woo, and hoo, and all that.

Oh, and I wish I'd thought of rizla as toilet roll. Might have saved us a slice of bread or two if I had. And, um, not sure if I've ever done anything truly selfless, or how on earth to choose from the many selfish things...

(and how come I'm just as worried about my selfish things not being selfish enough as I am about my selfless things being too selfish? Hardly seems fair)



Hungover? Fucking amateur


and B, I have loads of Rizzla papers - help yourself but, can I show you how to paste them together? Then you can create a BIG one.. if I knew, or had done *goes back to the darkest corner*


And... how the fuck can you go to Superdrug at 22.20? Oh yeah - with a brick

Mr Angry

* Goes off to look up selfless in the dictionary *

These selfish acts you speak of, what if we are, err, incriminating ourselves by divulging them...?

* Laughs uncontrollably at definition of selfless *


I once performed a very selfish act with some Chenin Blanc and Marmite.

Anyone smuggled any of the fookin' stuff in yet?

And, incidentally, the girlfriend has taken over my blog and is revealing all sorts of sordid stuff. What can a man do, locked in here?

And who agreed that I'd enter this bloody Blogger thing, anyway, hey?

Er. Ah...

little bugger

Speechless, and blind, it would seem Big Blogger.

Honestly, do I have get my tits out to get noticed around here? ;)


Nice rack.






Fuckity fuckfilms! I've just realised I'm gonna be late on this task cos of all the thinking it required (and daft comments I've been tied up with) butt! (and it's a rather handsome butt if I say so myself), I reckon I deserve a pass being as I posted the last one exactly on deadline (what a fucking fab fluke that was!)

I'll do it now, BB, honest! I even promise not to use parentheses just purleeeease don't punish me for being a tardy tart!

Big Blogger

Oh, alright then.
You've caught me on a good day.


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Nature magically suits a man to his fortunes, by making them the fruit of his character.


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