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Monday, 04 June 2007


Big Blogger

I think Big Blogger is going to have to put a fucking swear jar in the kitchen.

I just can't handle all these expletives!


You're not fucking wrong - should raise enough to have three new water pumps built in Botswana by a week on Wednesday.

Anyway, Goth, if you want to get out of the house so much already, can you just hand me the Jack Daniels so I don't have to bother half-inching it while you're asleep.

You know it makes sense. I thank you.


Geldof starting the fucking swearing - not me. And Tippler, I hid a bottle in your bag as I figured it was the last place you would look ;-)


What a pitiful attempt at getting out. I think you should stay in forever now.

The Aunt

Have you thought about cutting your hair off, tying the lengths together (each one can carry 5 grams of Goth) and skinning down the resulting rope from the bathroom window?

I'm sorry. Was there something wrong with a basic assumption of this plan?


Yeah, it's a shit plan as I am not having my hair cut. I will hire an army of moles first

little bugger

did yu watch that kids programme today - serious andes or something... they barbecued guinea pigs :(

it was quite horrible.

and bob geldof rang me up once, when i was about eight. unfortunately though, i was out.


He's a twat for that - Geldof that is. I think he lurks behind the sofa and goes "Right, pass me the fucking phone"


And no, sorry, I didn't see the programme. However, if I had, I would have set fire to their house. Bastards. No wonder they're in Shite America


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