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Wednesday, 20 June 2007



If we're doing being sweated on by slebs, or in my case minor slebs, Roddy Frame and Miles Hunt have both dripped warm bodily fluids around my person...


Miles Hunt! I met him too. Well, he came into our shop and acted like a right....well, let's just say it's a naughty word that I don't say but rhymes with his surname.

ordinary girl



That's close enough o.g.

Delboys Daughter

Who ARE these people?
I'm lost.


Well Delboys Daughter, I tried to help with links on the lesser known ones in my post. I'm presuming here that you've picked up on who the Short Arsed Talented One is!
If you Google Roddy and Miles you will probably go "Who?"
Oh and Robert Plant is some arrogant tosser who used to sing in a small time band in the 70's called Fred Zeppelin, or something similar.

Delboys Daughter

Speaking of slebs.. has anyone else noticed by the way that Penfolds picture over yonder looks a little like Peter Andre?

Delboys Daughter

I tried to click the linky Beddy but alas it wouldn't work.

Oh the humanity.


The links work fine DD. Not wanting to sound harsh or anything but you may have a little trouble considering you're probably running on Windows 95!


Blimey, you all lead such glamorous lives. A small intimate Prince gig? And you got to grope him? Blimey.

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