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Tuesday, 26 June 2007



I think there is a vested interest going on here, since googling you I find you own
"Penfold Book and Bible House Limited".

which is let me quote:
"Five-hundred Christian books and videos covering hot issues such as King James/Authorised Version only; end-times; challenging Catholicism, Charismatic movement, and Reformed Calvinism. Secure online shopping and money-back guarantee. UK based."
obviously he's going to vote for you if you do THAT.


I fear I may lose this one - there are only about three people who know about my blog, and I'm no use at pimping...


Honey - you're right. Amazon for Christians. Where's that address for deedpole...?
Cat - I'm going for the ringing my mum technique!


Penfold, I live in fear of my mother finding my blog. And my colleagues. I am not always nice about any of them.

Daddy Papersurfer

Way to go Penfold - your grandmother would approve [or smite you - we'll find out one day]
Smite smite smite smite - it's one of those words that the more you say it, the weirder it becomes - smite smite....definitely smite be


In that case, can I call for all atheists to vote for me, as I will undoubtedly need all the help I can get this week.


I do not approve of thou pimping technique young penfold!
Thou shalt serve me with 4 Hail Marys for each and every vote thou gets to keepest thou in. Oh, and I'm making sure there will be a distinct lack of waves anywhere thou dost intend to surf.


Cat - my Dad found mine. Disastrous. Luckily my colleagues are mostly illiterate...
Dad - just sit down and breathe. Or not actually...
Bedshaped - not sure this will get me the Christian vote...
God - what can I say. I think I just had an epiphany. Oops - sorry...


I smite start following Big Blogger again now you and He are such mates, Penfold!


Shit - good job I don't believe in god or any of that religious bollocks then....


Helena - smitey good of you...
SG - there is redemption for all sinners (I hope)

Mr Angry

I quite enjoy a good smiting.

You can pay good money for that sort of thing down my way.

delboys daughter

I've been told I'm good at smutting... close enough?


That's handy, I've gone for the agnostics...

Smite is such a lovely word, my lad uses it all the time. We're not in the least religious, he just thinks he's God.

ordinary girl

Now this is where I kick myself for having an anonymous blog!!

(Vainly attempting to delude herself that she has friends in the "real" world!!)

And oh yes to "smiting". And "smutting" incidentally :-)

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