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Friday, 01 June 2007



Hello Stu!!

I hope you don't think being a grammar policeman makes me a bastard. People who genuinely struggle have my sympathy and support. It's the ones that never bother to learn that I want strung up.

Invader Stu

Hi Joseph

It's ok. I don't think you or another grammar police are bastards. I was just making a joke out of the situation. I was poking fun at myself really :)

Delboys Daughter

Can we all poke you?

Lost and Heroes fan here too. Can't believe it ended like that. Sigh.

Invader Stu

You can only poke me above the waist. Maybe when I know you all better I will change the rules.

little bugger

how to cook rice:

rinse the rice. measure into pan one part rice to two parts cold water. add salt. put lid on pan. turn on cooker. bring to boil, then simmer gently until all the water's gone.

and most importantly, do not stir it!

are you impressed? ;)

Invader Stu

I'm impressed by how I still manage to mess it up :p

I always leave it in for too long or too little.


Ooohh. Very exciting to see everyone rolling in. *waves empty martini glass and hopes for refill*

Looking forward to discussing who's in the coffin with you, Stu.

Haven't seen the end of Heroes yet, but it's on my iPod. So shhhhhh.


Erm, not that you're in a coffin with anyone. I'll shall rephrase.

Looking forward to exchanging theories with you about who is in the coffin.

There. Better much.

Invader Stu

I was worried there for a moment. That sounded like a threat :p


Eeeek. I feel guilty about the punctuation police thing now - I promise not to be mean. However when I see mistakes in signs, books, magazines and so on it makes me so mad my teeth itch.

Delboys Daughter

Stu...It's ok, I wouldn't presume to poke you below the waist. Might get me finger stuck.

Bob how can you truly enjoy the beauty that is Heroes on an ipod?
Oh wait.
Is this an 'i'm in the house and have brought it in with me' fake thing?

I'm not with the programme yet am I?


Well, there are strange policemen in this world, this odd, weird world... Have a look at FRANK SIROCO


Invader Stu...

little bugger

alex i'm going to beat you around the head with a pair of socks if you start being mental over here as well ;)


If I'd known how fit some of the residents of Big Blogger are, I'd have nominated myself for inclusion.

As it is: c'mon Joseph and Cat.

*Pressing redial*

Big Blogger

I can't see anything wrong with having a piece of lint as a grand prize. Can you?


Del's D -- No, it's really on my iPod and if push comes to shove I can watch it there ... but I'd prefer to see it on a big screen. Has it finished in the UK yet?

Invader Stu

I don't know if heroes has finished in the UK but since I am an internet pirate I have seen them all... whoops... did I just admit to something I should not have?


Stu - Welcome, you seem to be the Graham Norton of the house, which is ok right, because he doesn't know how to cook right either.

Won't do you any harm I promise - but, I have a master plan and it does not involve flip-flops, shorts or shagging people


Cheerleader saved. World in less danger. Cockroaches always survive and Hiro's in 17th Century Japan.

I'm up to speed.


Did anyone bring Marmite?


hullo invader stu. enidd has some sticky brown substance on her shirt, which may be marmite...


Ooh, bizarre stories right up my street. Next time I can't sleep I'll remember to wake you up and get you to tell me a bizarre story...

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