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Saturday, 02 June 2007


Daddy Papersurfer

You haven't got that much hair.

Daddy Papersurfer

I seem to be missing my Wurther's Originals.

Big Blogger

Good work getting the chainsaw past Geoff.

Note to self: get a decent security contractor next time around.


Hello, Penfold - I'm feeling distinctly anxious about your chainsaw...


But what happened to Dangermouse? - did you practise chainsaw on him?


Hello Penfold and welcome. Hmm, just how handy are you with the chainsaw? I didn't have time to get a haircut before the pedicab driver picked me up.

Haven't had it cut since I was made hairodynamic for the Flora Marathon, and I fear it's getting a little bushy.


Dad - you may as well be in the house with all this comment stalking...
BB - Geoff is a pussycat if you know how to stroke him...
Cat - ne fret pas, I am a qualified calligrophist.
SG - unfortunately he gave up his life of crimebusting and is restoring church gargoyles in the French Alps.
Bob - no probs - I am all over your bush - just let me top up my 2 stroke...

Daddy Papersurfer

I thought you might be lonely


Why have you drawn a picture of me? I know you don't like to admit it but your beard is way more gingery than that.


gingerly - as in tentative? My beard is bold and fearless...


Indeed it is, and very very ginger, as if a miniature Mick Hucknall is growing on your chin.


Stupid mouse - no wonder he only has one eye..


I think DM was very wise to retire when he did and let the new school take over - Power Rangers/Transformers - far better equipped to deal with the villains of the 90's. He was lucky he only lost an eye...


Tiggz - are you looking to restart the great spamming war of '84?


you flippin' hippy, look at that rainbow.


Lucinha - I'm not the one with no shoes, dungarees and pig tails (tell me that isn't how you are dressed today!!)...


The great spamming war of '84? I don't remember that one. Do you think that's what turned your beard ginger in the first place?


Just you wait 'til I get out of this house - I'll wipe that very dark and attractive beard right off your face!


hi penfold! moving swiftly away from beard-talk, enidd loves the little drawstring on your head. what comes out if you pull it?


I'm afraid you'll just have to give it a good yank and see what happens...


with a due sense of trepidation and dread... enidd yanks.


Enidd - you should open your eyes 'cos I'm not sitting down...
Good hearty grip and a sturdy yank you have there - nice...


That is one beautiful necklace and bracelet, and I particularly like the PS2 motif (particularly as I understand what you mean - oh hang on, no I don't). Next time I find a centipede I'm making myself a necklace.

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