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Friday, 15 June 2007





And in this case, selfish was the absolutely right thing to do. I'm sure in hindsight she thanks you.


how could you have done anything else but what you did.
and don't make me cry again at 10:30 in the morning, its a pathetic way to start the day.


What a hero.

The bar is so high I can't even see it.

Drama Queen

I tend to spend more time listening than talking??



Oh Goth, what an absolute star you are. And of *course* you did the right thing. And considering you lost a friend, I don't think you can call it selfish at all. You did it for her, not for yourself.

And indeed, the selfless part of this story could easily be recast as selfish. I'm having the same problem with my own story (s)... all the selfish stuff could be thought of as selfless, and vice versa. Well, maybe not all.

This is a great entry. [applause]

Mr Angry

* Wishes he'd read all the others before writing his own *


Neil -> yikes, didn't mean to upset you

Bob -> In hindsight I know but at the time I felt a twat for betraying a trust

Honey -> I know it was right and sorry for making you cry

Angelala -> I'm sure you can clear the bar (just try not to knock the drinks over)

DQ -> do too you chatterbox

Clare -> I know what you mean about hard to pick selfish or selfless that's why I tried to pick a story with two reactions from me (and thanks)

Mr Angry -> I avoided reading anyone elses first in case I tried to outdo them


The Aunt

Am crying too. You did the right thing. Hugs.

The Aunt

Am crying too. You did the right thing. Hugs.


Alright, Auntie. No need to overdo it by posting twice! ;-)


you were actually at school for once ? (see, i listen too.)

great story and you know you did the right thing - even at the time.


Aunty -> shit, didn't mean to make you cry - sorry

Angela -> probably emotional rather than clumsy

Zed -> I did go to school, it was full of girls WOOHOO

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