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Wednesday, 06 June 2007


Big Blogger

I am, of course, as buff (if not buffer) than Daniel Try-squeezing-your-manlumps-into-these Craig, and would therefore make a superb Bond. So this is a fantastic idea!

Big Blogger approves muchly.


Enidd - will you be making an Ursula style entrance from the Jacuzzi...?

Invader Stu

"No Mr Bond. I expect you to party."


Oh. I've never seen a Bond film so I have no idea about this one. Will my swimming costume do?


Oh oh! Can I be 006?


I'm with Cat, Bond free zone and quizzical look over here.


*Your readership is important to us, please hold and listen to plinky plonky muzac while the subconscious kicks in*

Cat can go naked and be Ursula Undressed and I do seem to recall some bird dying from being sprayed with gold paint so I'll squirt some of this pink hair glitter all over meself and call meself Pinky Dawhore!

We're sorted, babe!


Do we all get extra cool secret gadgets? Very fun.

Dibs on 008.5


...and no pussy galore wisecracks from the Goth? :)
As they say elsewhere (allegedly):
"This thread is useless without pictures"
Especially if the ladies are going to wear Ursula-type bikinis.

Sally Lomax

I've always fancied being a Bond girl. HAve you got some new swimwear for the occasion? There always seems to be a water scene.


enidd's chuffed that big blogger approves. she needs a photo to confirm his buffedness or lack thereof, though, so she think she'll go with mr x's suggestion and say there should be compulsory pictures too.

penfold, what a good idea. enidd's not sure what stalin will think of the jacuzzi. probably "not much", as "not much" is what he thinks of most things.

cat and angelala, oddly enidd's only seen one bond film - that casino royale one that the man nadgered her into seeing. but she thinks it's pretty easy to make this up as we go along. lots of bling and some double-entendres.

joseph, you can be any number you like so long as it's not too negative.

and bob, what a fab idea, of course there should be gadgets. one each, of our own invention.

ooo, sally, enidd likes water scenes. no, mum, don't bother googling it.


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