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Thursday, 14 June 2007



What's 'nieve'?

Chambers can't find it...

(smartarse! x)


Way. Too. Much. Time. On. Her. Hands.


Funnily enough the opposite is normally true, but well, what's a girl gonna do when she's stuck in a cupboard called "Paris"?

I confess I don't know what a Nieve is. I just know it's in the international tournament Scrabble dictionary (which is for hardcore Scrabble fanatics and doesn't even bother with definitions).

All the words are in said dictionary, apart from one. A prize goes to anyone who can spot the one word that isn't in the Scrabble dictionary (aka SOWPODS) (I used to have a link to an online version - hang on...)

Not sure if this'll work, but...

Scrabble dictionary.


For a brief moment I thought you were gonna whip out a camcorder... ;)


I can see slut and chav, although not necessarily in that order.


Neither WIZ nor ZIN are in my Chambers Scrabble dictionary. But it's not an international posh one.

Big Blogger

A dictionary?
For Scrabble?
Isn't that illegal?
And surely that takes all the fun out of it?
Basically, wtf?


But BB, I wasn't playing Scrabble... I was just playing with words. And using a reference tool to check what was allowed and what wasn't...

And the reason you need a Scrabble dictionary is for when someone challenges a word. Then you look it up, to see if it's allowed. And the mega Scrabble spods study the dictionary until they know it back to front, and thus have massive Scrabble-valid vocabularies and win Scrabble tournaments left right and centre...

I don't do stuff like that though. I just read about other people doing it.

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