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Saturday, 16 June 2007



1) You are not the only one searching for Ariel clever pants - I have looked under the bed also, she's not there

2) Thankyou for not capitalising god - only Goth can do that ;-)

3) Believe Angie has done so

4) If you want to evict me instead of Ariel, that is ok, I will make the sacrifice

5) That's ok, I probably couldn't be arsed to listen

and the tidiest area will be my coffin - granted it may tinkle a little bit if you move it, but that's just the empty JD bottles rattling together


Look at those steely eyes (not Goth's)!
If you turned him upside down you'd have the world's coolest giant eggcup for tiny eggs...


PS I've buffed my chainsaw and hoovered the wood chippings out of my bed...


My. That was a very, erm, deep and thorough inspection. Thanks for that. Can I have a cigarette?



Erm, anyone tried the roof..?

Big Blogger

Goth - Look chap, I went to bed before she posted so please don't hold it against me.

Penfold - Good God, you're right. Who likes soldiers with their eggs?

Bob - Little Blogger has the ciggies. Ask her. I'm off to wash my arms...

Tippler - Oh. My. God.

*checks the roof for corpses*

Well, apart from a couple of skanky looking pigeons and a hedgehog (aww, hedgehog) the roof is clear. Thank God.


travolta rocks

keep Goth keep him in pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease

(sorry Goth but I like you in here)


Tiny soldiers....?

Delboys Daughter

Is it just me, or is it quiet around here lately?
In general re comments etc I mean.


It's like people have real lives out there. Surely that can't be true...


Cool - Tiny soldiers with big eggs - who says drugs aren't good for you???????

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