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Friday, 15 June 2007



I agree wholeheartedly with the baby thing.
I was born to be a mum, I was GREAT with other people's kids, parents used to BEG me to babysit. I had an affinity with babies and children that meant I almost went down the teacher career path (imagine 28 of the little buggers). So when my man and I decided to have sprogs, I did a little jump for joy, that's it thought I, time to prove once again how great I am, how wonderful a mother I'll be - the best in the world. Made all the more poignant by the time I finally got pregnant after two years of being jabbed and poked and injected..
Now I have two bundles of bouncing joy. Sort of. My kids are of course the best in the world. The most beautiful, the most intelligent etc.. but me? I've just spent the whole morning chasing up child care for the month of July as I can possibly cope with the kids during August at home whilst the schools are closed (well I'll have to) but July also? I'll go completly NUTS. I love them I do but they shatter me, they drain every ounce of creativity out of me, they have killed my precious routine they have stomped on my sex life, my waist size, my brain.... arrrrghhhhh.

But even if I could, I'd never shove 'em back.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to vent.

Mr Angry

Your most selfish act was to 'lez it up a bit'?

That practically makes you a Saint in my book...


Surprised Mr Angry got in with that comment before Tippler but...

As for babies, I used to love getting up in the middle of the night with mini-Gothess. My ex-wife used to take hours to settle her whereas I just used to lie on the sofa with her head on my chest and she'd fall asleep again. Of course I didn't mention it had taken 5 minutes to settle her instead of 3 hours


Check out the boys loving a hint of lady loving action - so very, very predictable!


Aw honey, that's just it - parenting is never simple, is it? Bet you're a great mum though. IMHO the best parents are the ones who are selfish from time to time - it's important for kids to learn that other people - particularly those close to you - are separate people with their own needs, and nobody can ever put you first all the time. Sometimes they have to give a little, too. And I too am looking for childcare for summer hols...

Mr Angry... [refuses to take bait] hmmm. Just watch out, is all.

SG, that's so cute.

Cat, I know!

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