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Thursday, 14 June 2007



It is awfully hard to enjoy a wedding when you're heartbroken. I skipped a friend's wedding too once (at least you made up a story--I just didn't go) and still feel guilty.
On the other hand, I had a bona fide excuse not to travel to an out-of-state wedding a while back, and everyone thought it was because I was still in luv with the groom. That really sucked.
When/if I get married, I think I'll elope. Save a lot of time, money and stress for all parties involved. :)


I don't blame you for missing the wedding, I wouldn't have gone either. Don't know if I'd have made up the dead relative thing but I wasn't there so....

As for the sacrifice - maybe that one just wasn't meant to be Cat my dear

*Gothic hugs*


sometimes it's best to be left with these wonderful memories and with 'what might have beens' so romantic, something to savour when you are old and grey.
I have a couple and they are soooo sweet.


I woudn't have gone to the wedding either.

Probably would have invented a sudden, terrible but temporary illness as opposed to a dead relly but then I have hindsight.

The other one? He didn't deserve ya, babe!

Drama Queen

Like Goth said maybe it wasn't meant to be. I managed the long distance thing for a couple of years and now we live together.

Just means you're freed up for your dream man. One that you can show off at the next wedding.


Yeah, not going to the wedding was fair enough. And such a shame about the romance!

I know what you mean about selfless is never really selfless, except of course that some people spend their whole lives running around after everyone else and putting everyone else's needs before their own and it doesn't necessarily make them happy - often just means they have low self esteem.

Not me though! I'm rubbish at putting other people first. Speaking of which...


Susannah, if I ever marry, I'm for Vegas!

Spanish Goth and Angie, it seemed like a good idea at the time, and the relative in question was aready dead, so it wasn't like tempting fate or anything.

Honey, he's probably fat and bald now...

Drama Queen, I'm glad you got your happy ever after.

Clare, it IS a shame, isn't it? My one selfless act, and I regret it!


I think I'd have gone to the wedding, Cat.

Why? Well, there'd have been a good chance of you hooking up with some bloke at the party afterwards.

Nowt like a few drunken snogs to put some rotten bastard out of your mind.

So, you could have been selfish and selfless at the same time. Neat, huh? But I get where you're coming from.

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