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Sunday, 03 June 2007



I don't think there's any booze left, but there's a nice smoke being passed around...oh and Cat has some porn.


Wheeee. More new people, and, as I told the hooker at my brother-in-law's stag do, "My, what an entrance!"

As soon as we finish up this second Thai roll-up, I wonder if you'd mind letting me have a go on your paraglider? I think there's a trellis we can climb to get to the roof (not to escape mind you BB, just to fly into the pool).

Invader Stu

I wonder what is on the black box. I'm drawn to a mystery like a pyromaniac moth to a flame.

*Sits and watches the box in case it moves*


stalin seems to be obsessed by the black box. he paws at it, trying to find a way in. failing, he thuds to the floor staring at it, giving a low growl when anyone else approaches it.

enidd is too busy arranging 12 cadburys' creme eggs in the egg box of the fridge to notice.


ooo, mr big blogger and mr small blogger, is your rss feed broken? you've not put anything in enidd's box for a few days.


Not surprised you need all those extra pants if you keep over-shooting all the time.

Welcome anyway - I'll be the one in the corner trying to fashion a trampoline

Katy Newton

Hello there, Mr A. Let's form a secret cabal.

(Memo to self: for future reference, use email for secret cabal invitations.)

Mr Angry

* goes off to look up cabal in the dictionary *

You couldn't have just said 'gang'?

And do not play with my black box. It does not belong to Naomi Campbell and so does not like it when you play with it.

Dr J

I just now found out I was part of a posse, then it turns out I am tangentially involved in cabbalism, frequenting as I do EIE and I am livid. What an exciting afternoon I'm having.

I would say "Go Angry!" but I'm not falling into the same trap I did on Katy's intro, oh no, not me... so instead I'll have to resort to the trite old formula "May the best blogger win!"

I have to say though it is very brave of BB to include Katy and Angry in the same contest given their "history" ;-)

On with the motley!


"History?" What is the history Dr J speaks of?


Booze sounds good to me. Don't try the shiny-shoe trick though - I've already been tipped off to that one...


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