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Monday, 25 June 2007



I'm not so sure about the stopping shaving bit - I'd quite like to get my legs out this summer, if the summer ever happens...


Yeah, but if EVERYBODY stopped shaving, we'd all think legs were beautiful with or without hair, and wouldn't even notice if they were hairy!

We only think hairy is ugly because we've been conditioned to think that way. I'm just planning a bit of reconditioning, is all...

ordinary girl

About the shaving... what if you have a prickly "area" and you're planning on somebody kissing it?! Surely shaving that should be allowed ;-)


We should have a 'prickly bit' kissing test. Different prickly bits (at different stages of prickliness) kissed by mouths at different stages of beard removal.
All in the interests of science and politics you understand...

Big Blogger

I quite like the hairy rings around my nips, and always feel a trifle sad when I have to shave them. So I whole-heartedly condone your policy!

Mr Angry

I do not shave at weekends, does that count?

And I have not shaved my legs in absolutely ages.


how do you get prickly bits nless you shave first?
shaving banned, after a few weeks: no prickly bits.
no 16 is my favourite, I've been lazily waiting for someone to ban that ever since I could operate a pair of sissors, and then realised that was not enough.


Wouldn't #19 lead to a lot of obese restaurant staff? If every customer cooked each of them a meal on each visit?

Re #2: the best toilet roll dispenser we ever had was basically a pretty plastic box with a hinged front that you dropped the roll into and just led the end out through the flap. No messing with spring-loaded thingies and nothing at all to go wrong. But it only worked if the roll was upside down (i.e. like this O__ ). But with that exception, yes.

#17: is it possible to live wthout Twiglets and red wine? Really? Go on, you're kidding me. Bloody hell.


Honey, you have clearly never kissed a man with a prickly beard!


There is nothing in this world, but the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. He eventually delivered me from my HELL, when I got down on my knees and asked for mercy and forgiveness for my sins. I have recovered my INNER CHILD - that CHILD is GOD.
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very interesting, but I don't agree with you

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