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Monday, 11 June 2007



Do you really want a punctuation lesson?

Delighted to oblige, my friend. It's "Goth's eyeliner" (the eyeliner belonging to Goth) unless it's the eyeliner shared by many goths, in which case it would be "the goths' eyeliner".

Stab me with the eyeliner now, please.

(I bore myself with this stuff, I can't help being pedantic. It seriously backfires at work too, as everyone gives me stuff to proofread.)


If it was just 1 Goth, but not Spanish Goth, a Goth we didn't know.
Which one would it be then?


I suspect you're taking the piss out of an old lady, now...


If it belongs to one person (whether or not we know them) the apostrophe goes before the "s". If it belongs to many people, it goes after the "s". The exception to this rule is words like "children" and "people" which are a plural, so it would be "the children's dog" or "the people's champion". The one that drives me CRAZY when I see it on signs is "men" - the apostrophe goes before the "s" as men is plural. However I far too often see signs saying "Mens' Clothing" and the like.


Delboys Daughter

I'm sure there's medicine for that you know ;)


Cat? Sweetie?

Count to ten... and breathe!


I heart Cat.


Oh Cat, I approve! I was going to leap in and be all pedantic but you did it for me.

And bedshaped, I think you are getting two rules mixed up. There's the plural rule, and the possession rule. The apostrophe is used to denote possession, but whether it appears before or after the S is nothing to do with what belongs to who: it's all about plurals, or more specifically, it's about whether the word would have ended with an S already, even before there was any possession to think about. Hence Jesus' hands are kind hands...


Oh. I said Cat had done it for me, then proceeded to do it anyway. Doh.


P.S. As to the song itself... it's very rude! Puts my occasional mention of mammary glands into the shade... and almost makes me blush. But not quite. I'm a hard woman to redden. Hmm.


Clare, thanks for confusing me.
If I gave a toss then I'd be cautious about everything I posted, so it's a probably a good job that I don't.
Or maybe it isn't.
I know I am.


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