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Friday, 01 June 2007


Big Blogger

"...the bible, just in case we run out of toilet paper."



You invited me.....bwahahhahahhahhahaha

Delboys Daughter

Oh My God...
I thought that Spanish Goth was a girl!!!!

Am i the only one?


Hmmm. Waiting for Goth to fall asleep and see if he has the house (see diagram on right, gentle readers) tattooed in some cryptic form beneath those t-shirts he sleeps in.


DD -> that is so sexist. So I have long hair, does that make me a girl? No, because I have no booby things and so I don't have to worry about being chased around the house by Tippler.

Bob -> Sorry. Don't sleep. It's a vampire thing....

Invader Stu

At least we found out SpanishGoth is a guy now and not when it is... er... too late.

Delboys Daughter

I have no idea about the status of your barnet Monsieur Goth. I was merely going on your writing style.
I can only appologise that you come across ... femme.


A rope? Is there some live-action game of Cluedo planned that nobody told me about? Baggsy Professor Plum!!

Drama Queen

Hahahah someone thought you were a girl. I am still wetting myself. . .

Wonder what they made of your Queen lover link to mine ;-)


Lesbian Festival maybe DQ? sure beats a Jazz Festival....


Bloody hell, Goth. That's some mighty fine facial hair you've got for a girl, mate.

I blame the Stella Artois.


Your bloody fault - or was that your Bloody Mary?


spanish goth - a GIRL ?

need to change me knickers - again.




Did you remember the leather trousers? If not, I am not voting for you.


enidd greets spanish goth. stalin seems a little dismayed. is there a being in the universe who is bigger, blacker and has darker eye liner? and which of them will be top dog?


Aunty -> Of course I remembered the leather pants - I don't leave home without them

Enidd -> I don't know. Is your dog 6 foot 2? and I don't need eyeliner, perhaps a bin liner or two


when he stands up, he's six foot four. but he does wear eyeliner, so you win on that one.


Jesus - that's a big dog. What's he called? Digby?


stalin. that's not a comment on his size, more his propensity to commit genocide.


Can't trust those dogs with machine guns at all. Mother yappers..


I love the taste of blood in the morning...


I'd hate to share your breakfast Cornflake Girl - blood in the morning? It's not the blood, it's the bloody morning thing....

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