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Saturday, 02 June 2007



*eyes Laphroaig carefully*

I like you, sir. I like you a lot.

Big Blogger

I see you haven't yet located the Cillit Bang that Dr Rob was so obsessed with last time around.

Yes, it may be covered in a fair few cobwebs and dead snails, but it hits the parts that Domestos just can't reach.

Good luck finding it!

Katy Newton

Strip poker, eh? I must remember to wear all of my accessories at all times.


dammit the cute guys gay.
and marvellous entrance sir, you are in splendid form as usual.


Steady on tiger - I nearly laughed myself into the swimming pool with that. So you're the gay fave - hooray.

The Aunt

Don't try and convince us you forgot your knickers. We all know you have none.

Except those you steal from your conquests.

Which are all nailed to the wall above your bed.


hullo tippler. enidd's never met an urban gorilla before, let alone one that does crosswords and reads shakespeare. isn't science wonderful?


HA HA - Enidds never met a gorilla before. Was it the sound of scraping knuckles on the floor that gave Tippler away?


that, and the bananas.


That's enough about me banana. Gadzooks - and I've only just met the woman.

Might have to rethink the undercracker situation.

Then again...


That's enough about my banana. Gadzooks - and I've only just met the woman.

Might have to rethink the undercracker situation.

Then again...


Multiplying comments is cheating. You're turning into KitKat boy


I want that corkscrew!






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