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Monday, 18 June 2007



Does it count if we've previously blogged it?

Big Blogger

Err, you can use it again, but don't just copy and paste. I demand a re-write!


Okay, thanks. I'll go through my files ... there's bound to be more than one.


Bugger. I've got quite a few as it 'appens. But, naturally, I've previously blogged them.

Hang on, don't think I've done Cantona yet. Always meant to write that one...

And where's the poll thingy gone?

Big Blogger

The Poll will go up as soon as I get to a 'proper' computer with all my html gubbins on it. Can you cope?


No. It's a marmite thing, you see...

I can cope with a lack of one or the other, but not both.

Shit, where's the booze...


Haha. I have only had skirmishes with minor celebrities, but I have photographic evidence of one of them...

As for marmite - yuck!


Jesus christ. I did the best one last night. Strangely, it was Big Brother related. Please help me choose:

Julian Lennon and the monkey
Anthony Quinn and the colouring books
Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen (sp)
Twos up with Terry Venables and Michael Owen
Herring (then Lee)
The short fit bloke out of Teachers

And many more!!!!


Oh, and Moonface de Botton.

ordinary girl

Ah bollocks! I don't think I've ever met a celebrity in my life!! Will have to get my thinking cap on...

(and I thought this was going to be easy...!)


Julian Lennon and the monkey!


Yeah - get your monkey chequebook out

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