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Sunday, 10 June 2007



- think I'll just keep Clare company in the cupboard for a bit. If someone could chuck me a drink when BB gets back? Ta very much...


What a bunch of twisted voters. Yay.

And a gimp mask tossed into the mix? Awww BB, you shouldn't have.

*dips martini glass into the jacuzzi and commences playing with powder paints*


- I think I've got some chafing. Maybe chrome or brass would be better than lead!
Oh and I'll take Geoff for the massage - he has such strong looking hands...

Big Blogger


Penfold - We could always borrow some of Mr Angry's lubricant.

Bob - I do try.

Blue Witch

I'm sure bob said it was 'poll' dancing. You could be in for a surprise...


I'll bloody kill Goth for sending that picture of me to Big Blogger.

The bastard swore he'd deleted it.

Christ, the things you have to wear at your own birthday parties to hide the crow's feet...


Those masks really scare me. Not in a sexy way.

little bugger

here, thats my ball-gag!


"Those masks really scare me. Not in a sexy way."

Me too.

[climbs back into cupboard]

[brief silence]


Penfold, really!

[more giggles]

[more silence]

[long sighs]

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