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Wednesday, 06 June 2007



Not I, said the Cat. Mine are all thongs.


er....not sure - could you turn them round...?


Do you think you can recognise them from any skidmarks then penfold?

Big Blogger

That's the paddling pool you fool!

I just hadn't gotten round to inflating it yet...


my mistake - I thought it was a pair of my old man's 'man nappies'...


Just what size of a head do you have, man?? I dare to wonder what was sneaked in inside them!!

Invader Stu

It's not a very big paddling pool


Do they smell of kippers? I know of a certain third person singular that didn't pack her own case...



*wonders why the grammar police haven't hung this one out to dry*


Not mine, mate. Left 'em at home.

With the sodding Marmite...


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Do they smell of kippers? I know of a certain third person singular that didn't pack her own case...

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