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Thursday, 19 July 2007


Big Blogger

Oh God, you will put me in a position won't you?

Well, this IS a list, but it's not a list of place names, rather a cleverly put together collection of song titles used in a particular way.

So I'm erring towards it being okay, but I want to know what everyone else thinks.

Shall I allow this? Or shall I not allow this? The decision is yours...

oh. come. on.

The rules say "and you can't just do a list as that would be too frickin' easy".

It doesn't say you can't do a list about place names, it says "you can't just do a list".

This is just a list, albeit a play list.


It's a fair cop. I don't have time to do anything else so I think this sees my departure from the Big Blogger house. It's been lovely!


Fine in my book


I think it's lovely, (and I wish I'd thought of it first! *sob*)


It's fine by me, but I can see the point about the rules. But Cat, why do you think you're going to be evicted? I don't think people get evicted when they fail tasks, do they? It just means you won't win immunity. Which you won't need anyway by the looks of things, as nobody seems to have any particular interest in evicting you anyway!


If you discount the bits that are a list and just count the paragraph titles she still has 4 (5 if you count down sarf). So either way Catgirl should pass...

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