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Thursday, 19 July 2007




[puts thinking cap on]

Oh, and...

If Joseph gets evicted and Tippler has immunity, does that mean that the three people with the most votes apart from Tippler will still get evicted on Monday? Or will it be only two?

Big Blogger

Three will go this week.
No more, no less.
That's all I'm saying.


I'd like a badge, please. All the talk of Gnasher badges earlier in the week's made me feel in a badge-like mood.


Dylan (my 7 year old progeny) joined the Dennis the Menace club recently. No hairy, boggly eyed gnasher badge included. I nearly asked for my money back but then I remembered - he didn't join for my benefit...


OK, immunity, at last. Murky bucket. And if there are still any golden fucking keyboards lying around, I DON'T WANT ONE!

Haven't got room - all these empty bottles...

Just as well I got immunity, really. As I was looking a tad jiggered in the vote.

And what DID happen to Joseph - looked a sure fire last-three if ever I saw one?


I'm sure he's a lovely guy and all that, but the way the voting's looking at the moment I'm rather relieved...


I shouldn't have said that, should I? Famous last words.


P.S. The title of this post... it's not a task, is it?


That might just cover it though. Shagging Big Blogger in front of all those cameras, I mean it's GOT to be embarrassing...

What d'you reckong Clare?

Big Blogger

Well, I have had no contact from Joseph, so I can categorically say that he is OUTTA HERE...

And he seemed like a cert for the final too, as Tippler pointed out.

Ah well.

Big Blogger

No, it's not a task. Not yet anyway.


Just to clarify - as you know I'm a stickler for detail BB. Cos I don't want to be caught whingeing again. Not that I ever whinge...

Anyway, from your 'Eviction cancelled' post:

"There are two weeks left. This week there will be two tasks and three people will be evicted next Monday. Next week is the final week, and there will be two tasks again, a midweek double eviction, and a three-person final...

The blogger who manages to fit the most place names into their post will win immunity from this week's eviction and will therefore be in the final! Woo!"

So, I can't be evicted until the very end, right? "Three person final...in the final".

Just making sure. However, I humbly promise to stay in the spirit of the whole thing and complete each task.

Even though I'm knackered after the last one...

Big Blogger

Mr Tippler - Good question. And yes, I did accidentally miss out the word 'week'. (I really have to get me a secretary..) You are immune from this week's eviction, but not next week's. The final is all week, but the final final final (final final) is from Thursday onwards after...

...the mid-week eviction on Thursday evening at 9pm where any of the five finalists can be evicted. Two will go, which will leave a final three. There will then be a final task, and a final poll to decide the winner.

That is all.


*deep sigh*

I knew it.

So you're saying it that should have read:

"...will be in the final week! Woo!"

Hmm. Not quite the same reason for that emphatic "Woo!" was there, really...

*sneaks out to pub to drown sorrows*

Big Blogger

I get the impression you really want to win this...

Personally, I think getting to the final week is a fair old achievement and not to be sniffed at.

But I may have to join you down the pub. Just because.


I am well chuffed. Don't get me wrong. Just need a couple of sniffters to sort out, in order, my most embarrassing sexual experiences.

That should take longer than writing about the bloody thing.

And of course I want to win. Just hoped I had slightly more time to gird the old loins than I obviously have.

For the last push, as opposed to the sexual experience, y' understand...

Delboys Daughter

oooo now this is a good task!


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