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Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Delboys Daughter




*looks around apprehensively*

Big Blogger

I'll take that as a compliment (I think).

I do understand your frustration and know exactly where you're coming from, however the stats on Monday went significantly against the current trend, particularly in regard to where links were coming from and how many of them there were. While this in essence is not a terrible thing as lots of hits is a good thing, and yes people do link in from emails rather than directly even though they haven't been doing that recently, it was very unusual to see.

So whether someone emailed people in an attempt to get them to keep them in, get others out, or even to get themselves out, and even if any of them didn't do this at all and it was actuallu a freak anomoly, I made the decision I did because the evidence that I had pointed to foul play. I didn't want to do it, but rules exist for a reason and I like it that way, hence why I did what I did. So there that's the end let's finish this bloody debate right now!

And relax.

This will all come out in the wash.

Re the task, you don't just have to use Wikipedia. You can use anything you want (the human mind is probably a good place to start). Just so long as you use your imagination and creativity glands I couldn't care otherwise.

This site is supposed to be about creative writing and enjoying oneself, so if we could all remember that I'd be much obliged.

And yes, I am busy, and this isn't easy so cut me some friggin' slack eh? Or I'll just keep making up rules to amuse myself.

Big Blogger

Oh balls, missed a question out.

The place name over a few words thing is fine. Do it. I like it. More power to you.

Drama Queen

Man, this 'game' is really confusing me. . .I no longer know (and I'm afraid to say care) what is going on.

I thought no pimping was allowed but lots of people seem to mention it on their own sites and it never gets mentioned by BB.

Then I hear about the email thing and I confess I am one of those people who uses an old email to track this site since I am scared to save favourites on works PC. Should I not be doing this. . .

. . .eek what are the rules?

Hell, I am lost. Am I the only one?

Big Blogger

I'm lost too, if that makes you feel any better.


Well, if it's any consolation, Endemol Big Brother is constantly changing the rules and generally fucking with the contestants' heads, and I think we get off pretty lightly compared to what they do to that lot on the telly.


*Fans her face*

Boy, it's hotting up in the BB Blog!

Maybe a walkout will be happening soon?


OK, so we're all lost. . .good!

Least its only a game.

It's *still* only a game isn't it?


I love a good rant.


Er, thanks BB. I think.

Game on, then eh!



Will it ever end????

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