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Thursday, 05 July 2007


Mr Angry

Actually it's Bob and I that would go at the moment (taking into account Angela's extra 15 points/vote)

The Pimpmasters could soon be gone. Who would've thunk it.


Surely not, BB. If you count Angelala's extra 15.

Right now it would be Mr Angry and Bob, as Angelala has overtaken them both. Well, would have overtaken them if you'd got around to sorting it. So there.

Wanna borrow my calculator?


But... who won the story task? Surely whoever wins the task gets the Golden Keyboard of Loveliness and is therefore immune from eviction?


Oh and P.S. seeing as we're on Bob's rules this week, I guess that also means we have to take each other on holiday at some point?

Big Blogger

Wow. So actually Angelalala is a genius and has this whole thing sussed.

I can see that it's going to be a fight between the three (or maybe five) of you to see who can get this next task in last. So, noon, Monday. See you there.

Re the immunity Golden Keyboard thing, seeing as there isn't really a winner of the task as such, the winner of the week, ie. he or she who gets the least votes, will be immune the following week. And seeing as the person who comes closest to the average vote score gets a bonus 25 votes (in this case, minus 25 votes), I'm predicting that it'll be that person who wins immunity. Therefore, even though Joseph has the least votes so far, he won't be the winner.

God this is complicated.

And about the holidays; it sounds like a great idea. Let's have a little chat with Bob about the organisation side of things shall we?


So what you're saying is that the person left standing in the yellow Y Fronts will be immune from yesterday's trifle and the wide mouthed frog will be resprayed with marmite because eveybody got between a pair of scissors and an eldery persons sheets?


*evil genius laugh*

Big Blogger

Actually, fuck, not noon.

I need to set a proper deadline for this thing.

Okay, 7pm on Monday.

Anything after that is just plain old cheating.



bedshaped, you funny.

But I feel cheated about this task not having winners. Pah, I say. PAH.

[slopes off to bed in a huff]

Big Blogger

If there was going to be a winner then I think everyone would agree that it would be you Clare, but there isn't, so err, umm...

Fancy a piece of cake instead?


Piece of cake!

Yum yum.

I am easily mollified, as long as there is sugar involved...

(P.S. it is my birthday on Tue...)

(P.P.S. I won! Yay! ;o) )


I'm confused.

BB, can I have my calculator back, please?


Blimey, what's going on? Has someone just started a campaign to get me out or something? That's ten votes for me this afternoon. Eek.

Oh well, it might be a relief to get out of having to do all these tasks. Apart from that pesky underdog immunity thingy...

[sticks tongue out at voters]


I'm completely lost on the voting front...


I'm with Clare, there needs to be a story winner cos they get the golden keyboard, which is all very nice, but not as nice as the powers that come with it!

Powers like being able to reinstate evicted housemates. Housemates that may, despite being math whizzes, have been evicted purely down to having the same number of votes as the (immune from eviction) keyboard holder, for example...

Oh, hang on. Clare won the story task, Big Blogger pretty much says so up there in this very box!

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