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Sunday, 22 July 2007


Big Blogger

Hmm. I think that counts as an embarrassing genital experience rather than a sexual one.

So I'm gonna need a sexual experience please Mr Penfold. And that isn't a proposition.

Big Blogger

Next time I see Peter Buck I'll ask him if he remembers you fondly...


If I fail the task do I get double evicted?


Also it surely depends on your definition of sexual - the sight of me getting my todger out in front of a bunch of strangers and slapping it on the table might be a humungous turn on for some people. Just 'cos it doesn't get you all chubby...

Big Blogger

err, err...


Come on! Spit it out...

Big Blogger

If anybody is actually turned on by this then let your voice be heard!

I think that if you just do a quick update about some shagging then our (miniscule) audience will have had their appetites sated.



Well, I got a slight 'touch' on, if that helps any. Although I have to admit, it was the thought of REM being there. *ahem*

K Papersurfer

No, really, honestly, that's quite enough as it is.

And the hygiene issue is for the benefit of the unlucky females you've - favoured?

Speaking of hygiene, on the TABLE???

Daddy Papersurfer

I am so proud


BB - I rest my case. If bedshaped's getting stirred then sexual it is!
Bedshaped - you old hound dog you...
Mumsy, don't panic I wiped it first (the table).
Dad - get back in the cupboard. It's getting busy in there...


I think you should have told this story for the "encounter with famous people" task...


I've scuppered myself now. Double eviction looms...

Big Blogger

Let's be honest, it's not actually possible to be doubly evicted, so I think you're safe in regards to that. Plus if bedshaped gets aroused at the though of a wee Penfold willybob, then I suppose this story has to be regarded as 'sexual'.

I still think you should do another post, just because. So there.


Oi. There's no need to start insulting my wee willybob!(how did you find out his name? Who's been blabbing?)


Did you sing 'it's the end of the knob as we know it and I feel fine?


'The sidewinder sleeps tonight', surely...


It was the end of the knob as they didn't know it. But it still felt fine...

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