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Monday, 09 July 2007



Hang on a minute...

"Therefore, the holder of the *cue heavenly harp sound effect* Golden Keyboard™ will be able to reinstate evicted housemates, change task rules, and award bonus points. It’s basically having all the power of Big Blogger, but without that pesky site administration."

Just because I am ABLE to reinstate evicted housemates, doesn't mean I have to. So I'm not going to. So there. It's way too confusing and I can't believe anyone will really want to be reinstated and I don't want to go chasing round finding someone who wants to be reinstated.

Sorry for being uncooperative Mr Big, but I'm very grateful for all this immunity, honest I am.

But doesn't Tippler (as person with least votes) also get to veto the eviction and evict someone else instead (but presumably not someone who is immune from eviction)?


Oh bollocks, I just had a thought. Am I allowed to reinstate Angelala? If I'm allowed to reinstate Angelala, then that's what I want to do, as I reckon the holder of the Golden Keyboard (TM) gets to change their mind if they want...

Big Blogger

Oh God yeah.

Tippler? Fancy vetoing one evictee and evicitng someone else who isn't Clare, Penfold or yourself?

And Clare, you don't have to reinstate someone so don't worry, I forgive you.

Big Blogger

Please remember however, that whoever you do choose to evict instead of one of the evictees, can always be reinstated by either Penfold or Clare, no matter how much she says she doesn't want to reinstate someone. She might change her mind.

Please think carefully about all of this.


Big Blogger

Okay, I'm going now and will return in the morning when you've all sorted your shit out...


Well - as there was no real reason for Angelalalala's eviction apart from being at a random position in the ratings I would like to offer her an uneviction notice. Obviously if she gets reinstated by Clare as well then that counts as a double reinstation and would end up in immunity from next weeks eviction too.
But quite frankly if she has had enough of this nonsense and wants to run away to the hiding place then she also has that option (I might join her!)...

Goodnight. Again. Has anyone seen my teddy?


Ooh yes, I agree with Penfold. If she WANTS to stay evicted, then she can. 's up to her, innit?


Oh, go on then. You can have your teddy back. It's ever so cuddly though. Can I borrow it from time to time?


So I can stay in? Really?


(Er, that's a yes)


I reckon you definitely can, yes.



Clare - anytime...
(except last thing at night)


Ooh, what can we do any time except last thing last night? You've got me all excited now.


I believe the question was 'can I borrow your teddy from time to time?'...

ordinary girl

Yay for Angelala to stay in!! Best choice made. Apart from me of course :-)

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