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Wednesday, 18 July 2007



Good work, missus. I might just post a tube map - my chances of winning immunity with this task are nil.


Clare you are proper bonkers. Gis a snog!

Big Blogger

*round of applause*


Ooh, that's set the bar high.


[snogs Penfold]

Anyone else?


I think I need a stiff drink...


Yes - go on Clare! Give the surfer a big, wet sloppy kiss!!!!


Faberlus, dahling!

Big Blogger

This is brilliant, apart from three of the last four paragraphs which unfortunately do not adhere to the 'do not write about place names' stipulation of this task. It still made me laugh, and Nether Wallop is one of my personal favourites too, but I can't include those last few names I'm afraid.

So, leaving out those paragraphs means that your total comes to a not insignificant 43.


"three of the last four paragraphs which unfortunately do not adhere to the 'do not write about place names' stipulation of this task"

Bollocks. Oh well. Nether Wallop is ace, and anyway I totally gave up on winning this task when my head went into meltdown.

And Helena, I'll have you know I don't do wet sloppy ones. They are moist, slinky and firm.

Big Blogger

I'm horrible, I know.

Anyone wanna join my fanclub?


Is there an initiation ceremony?


I'll only join if you have a big badge of you with googly eyes (like the gnasher ones)...


Ooh, I used to have a Gnasher fan-club badge! I wonder what happened to it?

I'll join if I get a badge, too.

Spanish Goth

Well I think it's cool and if you want me to TWAT BB I will do so, quite happily.

As for the snoggy thing - we'll see

*retreats back into the darkness*

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